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This years party was the largest party in the clubs history. 

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President Smith receives his Official Gavel


Kane County

" We're looking forward to better days ahead! "
..........we'll be back! Chicagoland Replicar Club~

Cold and Wet and a good day to stay home

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We were under the tent w/them and
members Pat & John Chambers...we
had lost track of Bill Robertson and Brent-

kanecountyrainstorm5 (1).gif (148864 bytes)       IS THAT POLE SUPPOSE TO BE BENT LIKE THAT


Elks Car Show

Well, looks like we had 6 cars representing the club-plus a guest that
may be joining, with his Cobra

Dave Bagwell from Bloomington IL with the Predator
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Ken and Meha Smith with their MG TD
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Jim Donohue, from Barrington,IL in the club line-up with his 1936 Auston
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Rich Gideon, from Schamburg, IL with his Vintage Customized Corvette
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Brent & Nancy Menger, from Villa Pk,IL showing his replica of 1885 Daimler
Motorcycle and his handcrafted 1908  Mercedes Grand Prix Racing Car~
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Bob Faulstick, from Morton Grove,IL in his Brand New Red Prowler!
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Mark and Sue Weseman, from Wheeling, IL Participating in the Elk's Classic Car Show . 
The Wesemans' and their '65  427 S/C Cobra Replica
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Mark finished building  this year!

Members on foot ...that came to see the show and share some sunshine with the
club were, , Pat and John Chambers, Al Howski, Tom & Hilda Mateer and Bill &
Kate Schmidt.
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Club Central Sandwich


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The Winning Team
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4 of July Parade

Eight cars from the Chicagoland Replicar Club participated
in the Parade.

New Member: John and Sarah Hallstrand
Participated in the 4th July Parade and joined members at the Smith Member's
white Porsche.jpg (26153 bytes)

John and Sarah Hallstrand of Oak Park, IL - The newly acquired '57 Sports
Speedster Porsche-Cream color and tan interior, made it's début  at the
Northbrook Parade.

Welcome John and Sarah
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Ray Hudash  (in '29 Lincoln)
Rear View Ray.JPG (73812 bytes)
This was a cute shot, by Ed Taicsich (I don't know if it was planned or not...

----- Rich and Ann Mulhall  (T Bird) '55
Mulhalls.JPG (57548 bytes)

Jim's Astin Martin...
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June 6 Picnic

Our thanks to Dave and Marie for volunteering their home for this event

The Cars

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The People 

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The Food

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Hot Rod Power Tour

WE had several members show up at the Joliet Stop

Youngs & Ken.jpg (116714 bytes)
Pictue of Ken presenting award to Jim

Joliet Tour (1).jpg (55620 bytes)    Rt 66 (trial) (3).jpg (100538 bytes)      

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Dave and Robin Bagwell with their Predator

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Ken and Meha Smith with their 52 MG TD

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Steve and Ginny Kemper, with their Classic Roadsters Sebring 5000

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Bill and Kathryn Schmidt with their 65 Cobra

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V-8 Archie with one of his V-8 Finale


There were also several potential new members and other kit and replicas owners there

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T-Bird Guest (3).jpg (49528 bytes)    '55 T-Bird
   Charles Siewert-President of Regal Roadsters  Madison, WI. (808) 273-4141 
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Union Car Show

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Jack & Kathy Fricke's Gazelle in the club line up   
 Frickie (1).jpg (99004 bytes)

Owners/Members John & Pat Chambers from Barrington, IL
parked their Excalibur in the line-up at the 11th Annual 
Union Railway Car Show!
ChambersXcalb (3).jpg (77999 bytes)


  Naperville car show  

  Kathryn & Bill Schmidt packing up to go home
with their 2nd Place Trophy at Naperville Car Show.
katie_schm_1.jpg (50158 bytes) 

Bill Schmidt receiving 2nd Pl. trophy at the Calvary's 1st Annual Classic
Car Show
Bill S Cobra (1).jpg (83617 bytes)

Vice-President Keith Royal accepting 3rd Place Trophy at Calvary's
 1st Annual
Classic Car Show
Royal Award (3).jpg (539251 bytes)

#5 Keith Royal waving and he checks out
Dean Kolar's car at Naperville Car Show.
Naperville (Kolar) (1).jpg (76644 bytes)

Steve Kemper's Classic Roadsters Sebring 5000
Kemper (1).jpg (150386 bytes)