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Photos from all 2005 Shows have been moved to this page

The pictures are all thumbnail see full size, click on the picture.


Here are a few pictures from they Naperville show

BankGideon (Medium).jpg (85090 bytes)    hartman ii (Medium).jpg (72587 bytes)   mcdonald i (Medium).jpg (70965 bytes)   McDonald II (Medium).jpg (71714 bytes)   meyer garykaren i (Medium).jpg (82095 bytes)

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smith ii (WinCE).jpg (12266 bytes)   starr ron & kathy (Medium).jpg (83259 bytes)


   Hats off to members who came via commercial cars, were
 Tom, Hilda & Becky Mateer and Fred Kitch!
Those who drove their "Pride & Joy's " were; Jack Bretall (Bugatti), Tom Canon (Mini Mark), David Hartman & Margaret Chaffee (GT-40), Rich & Tracy McDonald (Gazelle) Keith Royal (Gazelle) Ken & Meha Smith (MGTD), Ed Stevens (Fiero).

Here are a few pictures from the Club Sandwich North

The pictures are all thumbnail see full size, click on the picture.

dorothy&peter dykema (Medium).jpg (85531 bytes)  peter__dorothy_Medium.jpg (69947 bytes)

Copy of a from the window (Medium).jpg (75089 bytes)  Copy of diiner inside (Medium).jpg (93331 bytes)  Copy of From Bonnie's Bus (Medium).jpg (85958 bytes)  Copy of From The Bus (Medium).jpg (88784 bytes)  Copy of From Truck II (Medium).jpg (93285 bytes) 

Copy of good general (Medium).jpg (70716 bytes)  Copy of GT40 field shot - Cropped (Medium).JPG (59413 bytes)  the bunch i (Medium).jpg (79875 bytes)  the bunch iii (Medium).jpg (76811 bytes)

4th of July
Here are a few pictures from the parade.

Club Members (Medium).jpg (106898 bytes)  Club Members II (Medium).jpg (106427 bytes)  Jack & Jean (Medium).jpg (89327 bytes)  Parade I (Medium).jpg (80645 bytes)

Parade II Brian & Michelle White (Medium).jpg (84392 bytes)  Parade III Tom Canon (Medium).jpg (93755 bytes)  Parade IV Jack Bretall (Medium).jpg (91154 bytes)  Parade V  Bretall (Medium).jpg (80309 bytes)

Parade VI (Medium).jpg (82974 bytes) 

After the Party
Before Parade after Storm (Medium).jpg (137908 bytes)


Wings and Wheels

far away line up ii (Medium).jpg (39673 bytes)  hanger (Medium).jpg (56056 bytes)

Line up I (Medium).jpg (79687 bytes)  line up ii (Medium).jpg (68308 bytes)  line up iii (Medium).jpg (75325 bytes)  line up V (Medium).jpg (58935 bytes)

New Members
Jim & Vickie D'Amico
Aurora, IL '88 Sebring  350 eng.
jim & vickie (Medium).jpg (71806 bytes)
  Jim's Engine (Medium).jpg (48199 bytes) 

MGTD I (Medium).jpg (71115 bytes)  mgtd II (Medium).jpg (54504 bytes)  wings and wheels (Medium).jpg (34804 bytes)


North Chicago Veteran’s Car Show
Line up (Medium).jpg (91533 bytes)
VA SHOW General View (Medium).jpg (82029 bytes) THE HOST Haley McLaughlin(Medium).jpg (85345 bytes)  HALEY & GRADUATES (Medium).jpg (90814 bytes)

  VA Show MEMBER  KEN EAKIN (Medium).jpg (91505 bytes)  VA SHOW MEMBERS (Medium).jpg (93024 bytes)  PREZ KEN & MEMBER RICH GIDEON (Medium).jpg (93252 bytes)  MGTD (Medium).JPG (103022 bytes)

Summer Sizzle”…Palwaukee Municipal Airport.
CRA CLUB (Medium).jpg (67480 bytes)
  Fly Over (Medium).jpg (29120 bytes)  LA DOGGIE (Medium).jpg (103576 bytes)  JOHN FINCH'S MERCEDES (Medium).jpg (92911 bytes)

Meha Ken & Mac (Medium).JPG (74520 bytes)  PALWAUKEE SHOW (Medium).jpg (69132 bytes)  PALWAUKEE SHOW II (Medium).jpg (85081 bytes)  ZEPHER II (Medium).jpg (59649 bytes)



llinois Railway Museum Car Show…Union, IL
illinoisrailwayshow001xmit.jpg (28423 bytes)
  illinoisrailwayshow010xmit.jpg (40722 bytes)



Something Different
the skull (medium).jpg (145009 bytes)


Milk Pail Show
line up (Small).jpg (61147 bytes)
  line up ii (Small).jpg (65829 bytes)  L & G Bank (Small).jpg (73914 bytes)

J. D'Amico (Medium).jpg (78594 bytes)  G & L Bank (Small).jpg (77833 bytes)  '30 M. Hirsch  (Small).jpg (70655 bytes)



Morris Air Show
Delivery Truck (Small).jpg (44253 bytes) line up iii (Medium).jpg (43924 bytes)  plane formation (medium).jpg (47336 bytes)

the bunch (Medium).jpg (101734 bytes) the libary v (Small).jpg (39969 bytes)  the plane iv (Small).jpg (28484 bytes)

B-II Bretall J & s (Medium).jpg (43888 bytes)  Bretal Jack  I (Medium).jpg (39468 bytes)


Morris Lions Club
Larry Bank (Medium).jpg (88865 bytes)  Overview (Medium).jpg (84924 bytes)  Overview II (Medium).jpg (73414 bytes)

The GT-40 (Medium).jpg (85785 bytes)  Tracy & Rich (Medium).jpg (80153 bytes)


Another record breaking event for the Chicagoland Replicar Club,
despite the snow, was the Holiday Awards Banquet,
December 10th 2005 held at the Elk's Club in Des Plaines, IL.
    Grab-bags, gifts and awards-plus welcoming of new officers and
new members [from WI] were in the evening activities.
    Twenty-nine framed Photomauge` awards designed by Meha and
presented to those present and sent to those who weren't!
    Next year's schedule is near completion and the first issue of
the Rak 'N Opinion newsletter will be in the mail February 1st.

!Healthy Safe and Happy Holidays!
Next event is the Club Sunday Brunch in March 2006

wehr & freeman's ii (Medium).jpg (62905 bytes)  Awards I (Medium).jpg (79867 bytes)  AWARD TABLE.jpg (63310 bytes)

XMAS AWARD BANQUET I.jpg (75551 bytes)  XMAS AWARD BANQUET II.JPG (66030 bytes)  XMAS AWARD BANQUET III.jpg (79346 bytes)

XMAS AWARD BANQUET IV.JPG (109837 bytes)  XMAS AWARD BANQUET V.jpg (78846 bytes) 

And last but not least my favorite  the award I received with the note 
Thanks Dave, for all you do~
           ...from Ken, Meha & members