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Robin  and I  joined CRA in October 2000 after receiving a nice letter from Ken Smith. Ken & Meha were at the Morris show and I was there with my Predator. Ken is always promoting the club and even though we live in Bloomington we felt it would be a good club to join.
We attended the Christmas Banquet and had a wonderful time. Thanks to all the members for making us feel at home. We are looking forward to next spring so we can see all of the members cars.

Speaking of cars let me tell you a little about mine
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The Predator is a Prototype of a
DeTomaso Nuevo Pantera

Designed and Built by Don Lee
Go to Don's web site    

These are real Panteras, To find out more about These cars click here

To see some pictures of how the Predator was made click here

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This picture was created by Tom


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To go to the DL10 Predators web site click here

The DL Predator is an extremely rare car (only three made)  built on the Fiero chassis. It is a rebody not a true Kitcar. This one is built on a 1985 V6 Fiero, although it may soon be having a V8 added to it.  The fit and finish is near perfect and it has won over 75 trophies and awards .

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