Here is a  a picture of my car; which began life as an '86 Fiero, 4
cyl , 5 speed with 100,000+ miles.

feb09_02.jpg (53006 bytes)

I purchased an Alden Thomas body kit from
FOCOA in California. Though it is similar to a 288 Ferrari GTO, it is an
original design and is the only "Ferrari" kit to have had the approval of the
late Enzo Ferrari. The car has taken over three years to build as extensive
modifications were necessary to get it a little closer to the original.  
Those modifications continue today in completely modifying the interior with
a Ferrari dash, console, instrumentation and wiring.  The engine was replaced
with a Fiero 2.8 V6 worked up to apx. 230 hp by
Adrian's Speed Shop in St. Charles.  

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