Meha Smith edits and publishes a Bimonthly newsletter for the club.
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This has been one hell ‘of a year, members! You know the old saying, "If you were there, you know. If you weren’t - too bad!" Well that applies here! Plan 2007 to be involved & enjoy yourself. I am including some of the photos taken at events—some I cannot…future issues will have more if there is success in the art of scanning & printing. Your helpful hints would be appreciated- "cause this ain’t easy, ya know" 


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Attention members….we still have a few of the metal club badges for your cars ($27.00) each. Cloth badges to sew on hats, totes or shirts ($5.00) and of course, additional engraved logo name badges for ($6.00) Those of you who are new will receive yours at the banquet.

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